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Frequently Asked Questions About Indiana School Law

Our law firm represents three school corporations in the area.  In preparation for this article, I asked school administrators from the three school corporations to give me guidance on what day to day questions pop up for them most frequently.  I thank them for their input into this a
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What You Need to Know About Identity Theft

Fraud and the stealing of another person’s identity is not a new concern.  However, the complexity of the problem has changed over the years.  It used to be that people stored their personal information in a safe at home or in a filing cabinet.  Now people store their personal informa
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Commonly Asked Questions in Real Estate Law

As a lawyer who engages in the general practice of law, I normally deal with a wide range of legal areas and issues.  An area of the law which is a constant in my practice is real estate.  People are continually buying, selling, or inheriting real estate and then having to make decisi
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Notice to Terminate Farm Lease Must Be Timely and in Writing

I grew up on a farm near Darlington and my Dad was a farmer for most of his adult life.  My Dad and his farming partner operated on a partnership handshake for nearly 20 years and never had a major business dispute arise between them during that partnership.  A verbal agreement and ha
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Tools in the Estate Planning Toolbox

When you call a plumber or an electrician out to your house to perform work, what do these contractors bring with them?  The answer of course is tools.  An electrician or plumber cannot perform their work without the proper tools.  Did you know that estate planning lawyers keep tools
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Selecting a Structure for your New Business

Did you know that small businesses employ over one-half of all private sector employees in the United States?  According to the most recent information I could find through the U.S. Department of Commerce, there are approximately 27.5 million small businesses in the U.S.  I have heard
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10 Things to Know About Indiana Divorce Law

My guess is that there is virtually no one out there reading this article that has not been personally affected by a divorce.  The reality of the situation is that divorce rates are high whether you live in Montgomery County or whether you live in New York City.   It would be impossib
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